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Dear friends,

We are a family company, active in the market since 1948, founded by my father. Today, still involved together with my children in the management of the company, I believe in the development and sustainability of this business project, now in its third generation.

We guarantee the entire process from weaving to the shipment of products with a production capacity, currently reaching about 12.5 million pieces per year.

Selling in five continents, the investment we do in Design and Innovation is very important, with design and development teams both in Barcelona and Guimarães.

We care about Ecology, Sustainability and Environmental Protection, having recently received a certification that ensures these values to the consumer - "GOTS" certificate (Global Organic Textile Standard), this certification ensures that Lameirinho uses “green” products and that in the entire production process of organic cotton items, were not used and / or added chemical products considered harmful.

The XXI century brought us many exciting challenges, such as the impact of online tools and the distribution and promotion of global brands that we develop and represent. Working these challenges in a strategic way is leading Lameirinho towards success.

We count on your preference.

Albano Coelho Lima

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